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It Pays To Bring Your Friends For Poker

Bring your home game and your friends to Outlaws for some poker! You won't need luck to walk away feeling like a winner with your friends. Here we offer two different perks depending on the group size. (We'll give you a hint though, the perks get better the bigger your group is!)

Poker games at Outlaws Casino on the Central Coast

Poker Groups Of 4+

Groups of 4+  get $1 first drinks! This includes a beer beer, glass of wine, or a cocktail with well liqueur, your choice. Call (805) 466-7950 to reserve your groups seats on the guest list. Cheers to good times and great deals!

Poker Groups Of 5+

If you’re coming in with a group of 5+ the benefits get even better. We’ll open up a new poker table for you and cover everyone’s first round of blinds ($20+ value), in addition to $1 first drinks! Call ahead of time or email us at to reserve your seats.

It pays to bring your friends to Outlaws Casino right here in the heart of wine country on the Central Coast. We're open daily, until 2 AM, see you soon!


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